300ZX - Rear Bumper Type 3

300ZX - Rear Bumper Type 3


This rear bumper has been designed drastically shorter and beefier than the OEM rear bumper to bring a more up-to-date look to the Z32 which makes a even bigger impact in proportions on the 2+2 model, where the OEM bumper, besides being longer than the 2+0 model, it steps farther out as well.


  • Protrudes far less rearward than the OEM bumper (40mm less for 2 seater, 60mm less for 4 seater).
  • Larger diffuser all around for more prominent look and increased functionality.
  • Updated, more aggressive License Plate recess.
  • Accommodates factory rear crash bar.


Since this bumper has no provisions for tag lights, you will need to provide your own solution so that your Z can be street legal. Also, since this bumper is 40-60mm shorter than OEM, you will need to modify your exhaust (if needed), so the tips do not protrude too far from the bumper.

Available for all 300ZX (Z32) models (2 seater and 4 seater).