300ZX - Widebody Kit Type 1 (Complete 13-piece kit)

300ZX - Widebody Kit Type 1 (Complete 13-piece kit)


When designing this kit, we used all our experience and knowledge of the 300ZX original body lines, to make a unique widebody kit that not only makes the car wider, but also incorporates new lines that flow naturally with the car, giving it a totally new and exotic appearance that brings the Z32 up to today's supercar standards instead of the typical and almost universal kits attached to every car nowadays.

The front fenders extend to 35mm per side and the rear fenders to 60mm for the 2 seater and 70mm  for the 4 seater respectively per side (measurements we consider the best to avoid hard transitions or breaking the smooth body lines) that flow naturally with a very smooth line from the top to the bottom of the arches and with the addition of side skirts that were specially made to the meet the new proportions of the fenders, contrary to the typical widebody kits that are only wide on the top section of the arch and have a big break to the stock body giving the kit that non-original and overdone look that usually gets you bored with time.

On the side view, you can see the complex lines we have incorporated from bumper to bumper with a smooth transition between fenders and side skirts, giving a sense of unity to the whole kit with the added aggressiveness that exhilarates speed from every angle.

As with all TwinZ Design products, the fitment of the kit have been meticulously tested to guarantee the quality and spot-on transitions between the 13 different pieces that come with it.


  • (2) 35mm wide front fenders.
  • (2) front bumper extensions (you'll need to choose between the Jspec or P-Spec 1 v2 options, depending on your current bumper option).
  • (2) side skirts.
  • (2) door fillers.
  • (2) 60mm wide rear fenders (2 seater only) or 70mm wide rear fenders (4 seater only).
  • (2) rear bumper extensions.
  • (1) gas door extension.



  • You'll need to choose between 2 front bumper extensions options, one that fits the '99 Jspec front bumper and the other one that fits the TwinZ Design P-Spec 1 v2 front bumper.
  • For other OEM or aftermarket front bumper models, we recommend choosing the P-Spec 1 v2 front extension option, since it's easier to adapt with the modifications needed.
  • The rear extensions included on this kit have been specially designed to fit any of our rear bumpers, but they fit the OEM rear bumper with very little work too.

Available for all 300ZX (Z32) models.