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Welcome to our new TwinZ Design's website page where you will find all the information related to our company and the products we design, develop and manufacture for the different car models we work on.

We will keep working on improving this page, so it will fill all your needs related to what we do for you and your car. If you feel like recommending something to add, please let us know!

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Latest news


NEW Rear Spats and Lip Spoiler for the Mazda RX7!

Check out our new rear spats and lip spoiler that we have made to compliment the look of the Mazda RX7!

The rear spats have been designed as an add-on part for the OEM rear bumper and specially made to fit and compliment our Type 2 Rear Diffuser, giving a more balanced, muscular and modern look to the rear end of the RX7 FD.


First Of Many

We were lucky to find some old pics that throw us back to the year 2002, when we made our first front bumper design ever to go on our personal car, a black Z32 NA that was also our first Z and the one that started it all for us.

TwinZ 350Z new parts

NEW Rear Diffuser and Rear Spats for the Nissan 350Z!

Check out our new rear diffuser, rear spats and rear wing that we have designed and developed for the Nissan 350Z!

These new parts have been made to be bolted under the OEM 2003-2008 base rear bumper and on the hatch without any modifications, improving the aerodynamics and giving a more aggressive and updated look to the rear of the 350Z.

Check the listing for more info:

Rear diffuser: